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Comprehensive Diabetes Control Programme
Community-Based Monitoring
Controlling malnutrition in Melghat
Control of waterborne diseases
Accessing Medicines in Africa and South Asia
Evaluation of Janani Suraksha Yojana
Study of Public Private Partnerships for Emergency Obstetric Care
Risk Factors for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Access to leprosy care
Demonstration of Comprehensive Birth Management System
Demonstration of Comprehensive Birth Management System
The Indian health care system is in transition with more political commitment towards a strengthened public system that provides improved quality of care and reduces out of pocket payments. Given the enormity of challenges that the system faces, there is no one magic bullet that can drastically improve outcomes, rather a combination of appropriate strategies would lead to the ultimate goal. The FRCH proposes to undertake such a complex intervention and test its effectiveness to improve maternal health outcomes.
The objectives of the research are:
To define benchmarks of quality of care for maternity management at multiple level rural health care facilities and providers
To improve the technical and functional quality of maternity care services in selected public health facilities
To engage users in quality improvement processes for maternal health services
To demonstrate and disseminate a quality improvement model based on application of clinical and managerial evidence
Project Overview: The main factors that need to be addressed to improve quality of services in the system include limited availability of appropriately skilled obstetric service providers, lack of measures of performance of providers and non incentives for performance, non compliance to treatment protpcols and routine use of procedures and drugs that have no evidence for. The proposed project interventions are evidence based solutions – both clinical as well as managerial – to address these challenges. This project aims to conduct an effectiveness trial of a multi component comprehensive intervention to integrate standard obstetric care in public health facilities in selected regions of India. Project Goal: To develop and evaluate a maternity management system for rural India
Proposed strategies:
Improving providers’ adherence to clinical practice guidelines
Performance measurement using public health performance standards for facilities and providers
Performance based incentives
User involvement in quality improvement processes
Community level surveillance system for pregnancy risk assessment and monitoring
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