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Recent Projects
Comprehensive Diabetes Control Programme
Community-Based Monitoring
Controlling malnutrition in Melghat
Control of waterborne diseases
Accessing Medicines in Africa and South Asia
Evaluation of Janani Suraksha Yojana
Study of Public Private Partnerships for Emergency Obstetric Care
Risk Factors for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Access to leprosy care
Demonstration of Comprehensive Birth Management System
About FRCH
The Foundation for Research in Community Health (FRCH) was established in 1975 as a non-profit voluntary organization in the field of health care. FRCH carries out field studies and conceptual studies primarily in rural India to gain a better understanding of the factors, which affect health and health services. FRCH works to evolve, support and promote alternate models of health and medical care that are in keeping with the social, economic and cultural realities and can be implemented widely. FRCH’s larger aim is to create a people’s health movement. With staff from backgrounds ranging from medicine, nursing, sciences, social sciences, economics, management, documentation and administration, and a force of primary-educated health trainers and health workers, all its projects seek to demystify medicine and emphasize the people’s role in their own health care. The major themes underlying all the work of FRCH are:
Strategies for effective and affordable health care within decentralized forms of governance
Devising information and training for health and development at the grassroots
Research and Analysis of India’s public health policies and programmes
Studying non-government efforts in health care
Influencing the country’s health policy reforms and
Forming a nationwide network for health and health care
FRCH has an accredited Resource and Training Center at Parinche in rural Maharashtra, for training health workers across the country. Its field experiments inspired by the 1981 ICSSR/ICMR Report entitled ““Health For All: An Alternate Strategy”, have yielded a model for a Community Health Care System (CHCS) with comprehensive research and documentation components. FRCH has advocated this people’s approach in non-government (NGO), government and academic circles, and most significantly, in rural communities.
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